It all began in the autumn of 2010. We were Thai postgraduate students in Colorado who love drinking beer as much as most of you do, and thus we would not miss the opportunity to visit the Great American Beer Festival GABF) held by Brewer Association. There we first experienced our true eye-opening (and taste bud opening) moment about the beer. 

It was a really big chance to explore the wonderful world of beer and we did learn a lot! Later on, we put up a mini DIY homebrew kit and gave it a shot. The resulted beer was barely drinkable but far from enjoyable. By the way, the beer was not the only thing we brew up that day but also the idea – that anyone could make their own beers. We knew at the very moment that when we get back to Thailand, we would definitely brew our hometown beer and name it Chiang Mai Beer. We came back to Thailand in 2012 and quickly continued our journey in homebrewing. Our early Chiang Mai Beer was happily shared among friends and colleagues.


It was good, but being good was not good enough. We still wanted to make better ones. After we went through a great deal of trials, errors, and achievements during all those years of experimentation, we eventually decided to go a step further into the world of beer by legally commercializing ours.

In late 2015, Chiang Mai Beer has been sold widely in our hometown, Chiang Mai province.


Let’s a take a look at our brewhouse.

Chiangmai : 081-030-9501
Outside Chiangmai : 087-999-6767
: Mountain Brewer Co., Ltd. 2911
: Pattanakarn Rd., Suanluang, Bangkok 10250