Beer Story: Ping River Pilsner


Ping River Pilsner is our third beer released in 2018. The concept of this beer is quite simple – a simply easy drinking beer. To us and probably many craft brewer, we tend to create beer that is unique and stand out from mainstream beer i.e. lager/pilsner. Nonetheless, we could not disagree that lager is the most popular kind of beer due to its crisp and clean character. Thus, it is our job to bring the best out of the most popular kind of beer. Ping River Pilsner is a Czechs style larger. We use 100% barley malt and noble hops so that the beer can be authentic to the style. The beer is smooth to palate and medium bodied. It is slightly sweet which is well balanced with mild bitterness.

Ping River Pilsner – an everyday lager

Due to its smooth and easy drinking character make us think of the moment when we used to chill out near to the Ping River when we was young. That is where the name Ping River Pilsner come from. The image in the label is a scorpion-tail boat. Even though we rarely see this kind of boat nowadays, there used to be many of them floating in the Ping River back in the past. The scorpion-tail boats are native to the northern region of Thailand. They were used to transporting goods in a long journey. In the background is the “Khua-lek” (Iron Bridge), one of the popular landmark of Chiang Mai.

A scorpion tail boat. A traditional boat of Northern Thailand.
Khua-Lek. The first iron brigde of Chiang Mai.